The Climate Capitalist is a media company engaging with investors, finance executives and policy makers to accelerate progress to a Clean Energy economy.

#88 - August 17 2022

This week we look at why the big winners of the new Inflation Reduction Act are not the pure EV vehicle manufacturers.

Video - August 8 2022

In the first of a series of video conversations, Michael Sonnenfeldt explains how the MIT Climate Model works to solve the climate crisis.

#87 - July 20 2022

Today, we’re going to open your eyes to a popular misconception about America's energy independence.

#86 - July 4 2022

The US is still the second largest producer of carbon emissions in the world. However, there are many things we can do to counter our nation’s damage to the environment, beginning in our own homes.

Video - June 15 2022

Our Editor-in-Chief recently shared his thoughts on investing in the clean energy transition, in public and private equity and venture capital, with members of Tiger 21, the premier network for high-net-worth individuals.

#85 - June 8 2022

Today we discuss an op-ed written by Sam Sankar, an Earthjustice leader, for The New York Times warning of a radical new approach by the Supreme Court that could have very dangerous consequences for the environment.

#84 - May 27 2022

In their zeal to protect their specific interests, some environmental groups are hindering progress of critically needed clean energy infrastructure projects. This week we report on an example of this well-intentioned but misguided fanaticism.

#83 - May 18 2022

Is it possible that Sen. Joe Manchin is the hero we need right now? Banging Democrat and Republican heads together, negotiating a climate change Bill AND a fossil fuel energy Bill, what exactly is this bipartisan crusader up to?

#82 - May 12 2022

We like a tidy house here at The Climate Capitalist, so we are taking advantage of the present global volatility and uncertainty to clean up our Clean Energy portfolios. Today we share a few spring cleaning thoughts.