Introducing The Climate Capitalist

Introducing The Climate Capitalist

December 9 2021

Introducing The Climate Capitalist

We launched CAPM 2.0 in 2019 to help make economic sense of the clean energy

transition. Since then, we have published more than 60 in-depth memos and videos,

attracting a wide audience of shareholder activists, investment professionals and

corporate decision makers, as well as scientists, academics and government officials.

We are flattered and energized by your faith in our substantive, research-based


Just as Capitalism has needed to evolve over the years, we felt it was time to evolve

CAPM 2.0. And so today we proudly announce the introduction of The Climate

Capitalist with a robust new platform, a clean new look and even greater original and

insightful analysis into the economic and investment implications of the global

transition to clean energy.

“There is no greater imperative driving investment decisions today than climate

change,” says Doug McKeige, TCC’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, “Entrepreneurs in

the space have already been richly rewarded as new technologies displace century-old

ways of doing business. We hope The Climate Capitalist offers our audience a unique

advantage in charting their own investment and personal choices in the climate-based


TCC has assembled a great team of contributors and researchers with extensive

experience in securities law, investment banking, investment management, real estate,

clean tech, entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and accounting research, as well

as board service with for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Doug McKeige is a former shareholder litigator with deep knowledge of the securities

markets. He also spent more than a decade as a hedge fund and real estate executive.

Doug was recently featured in Bloomberg’s popular column “Where to invest $100,000

Right Now.” He also advises the TIGER 21 Climate Investors Group.

Co-Founder Tim Callahan is a graduate of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and is a

serial clean energy entrepreneur who also served as chief financial officer for one of

the world’s largest biofuels producers.

Managing Director Steve Kirkpatrick is a Wharton MBA with significant professional

and personal investment experience, who has also served in management and board

roles in a range of companies.

Cathy Hausman is widely experienced in senior-level communications and content


TCC draws on the creative talents of Annette and Michael Simons of Simons+Simons ,

noted storytellers for leading brands. They add bold, pop-art graphics and produce all

of our videos, most recently “Everything’s Electric.”

TCC’s website was designed by respected design and identify firm The Blue Ocean

The Climate Capitalist is self-funded, ensuring an independent outlook and, like its

predecessor CAPM 2.0, will remain free to our subscribers.

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If you already subscribe to CAPM 2.0, to ensure you receive all future posts from The

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The Climate Capitalist is an investor led non-profit group with a mission to inform,

enlighten and change Wall Street's attitude to climate change from the inside.

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