Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

February 6 2021

Yesterday CAPM 2.0 shared Will Ferrell’s hilarious anti-Norway Super Bowl ad, announcing GM’s huge EV ambitions (Watch here).
Today we share Game of Thrones' warrior Tormund Giantspane’s response in defense of Norway, and that country’s best selling car, made by Audi. (Watch here)

July 4 2022

The US is still the second largest producer of carbon emissions in the world. However, there are many things we can do to counter our nation’s damage to the environment, beginning in our own homes.

November 24 2021

A lot of publicly traded companies will benefit from the $550 billion for climate change solutions in President Biden’s new infrastructure bill. Today we itemize the stocks and ETFs in the arena we’re following.

February 23 2022

In the past decade, costs have declined, and technology and materials advanced. This week we celebrate the rise of solar as a major solution to our energy needs.