Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

February 6 2021

Yesterday CAPM 2.0 shared Will Ferrell’s hilarious anti-Norway Super Bowl ad, announcing GM’s huge EV ambitions (Watch here).
Today we share Game of Thrones' warrior Tormund Giantspane’s response in defense of Norway, and that country’s best selling car, made by Audi. (Watch here)

June 15 2022

Our Editor-in-Chief recently shared his thoughts on investing in the clean energy transition, in public and private equity and venture capital, with members of Tiger 21, the premier network for high-net-worth individuals.

September 14 2022

In the second video of our series of conversations with Michael Sonnenfeldt, Michael and partner Ben Wolkon discuss their climate investment strategies and reveal some of the innovative companies they are backing.

February 23 2022

In the past decade, costs have declined, and technology and materials advanced. This week we celebrate the rise of solar as a major solution to our energy needs.