Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

February 6 2021

Yesterday CAPM 2.0 shared Will Ferrell’s hilarious anti-Norway Super Bowl ad, announcing GM’s huge EV ambitions (Watch here).
Today we share Game of Thrones' warrior Tormund Giantspane’s response in defense of Norway, and that country’s best selling car, made by Audi. (Watch here)

May 18 2020

There’s a truck coming that’s lighter, more powerful, faster to charge, emits no carbon and has far greater range compared to an EV battery powered truck. Read how this hydrogen powered innovation is going to revolutionize the trucking industry in our MEMO 14.

January 27 2022

This week we take on those who say renewables are to blame for global energy shortages and Putin’s leverage over Europe. And we suggest how everything could be different with an alternative energy policy.

December 21 2021

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is at an all-time high, with many investors looking to generate financial returns AND do good. But backing ESG is not the same as investing in the Clean Energy Transition (CET). This week we explain the differences and why most important CET investments score poorly on ESG.