Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

Norway's Super Bowl Comeback

February 6 2021

Yesterday CAPM 2.0 shared Will Ferrell’s hilarious anti-Norway Super Bowl ad, announcing GM’s huge EV ambitions (Watch here).
Today we share Game of Thrones' warrior Tormund Giantspane’s response in defense of Norway, and that country’s best selling car, made by Audi. (Watch here)

April 6 2021

This week we feature 4 companies developing technologies that will help with the clean energy transition, brought to market through SPAC mergers.

December 1 2021

Around 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline are burned every year in the US on garden maintenance. That’s nearly 12 million tons of CO2 just to keep our lawns and hedges neat. In this video, we laud an alternative power solution.

August 3 2020

Investors are coming to realize there is far more to Tesla than just cars. In this week’s MEMO 21, we take a look at Tesla through Elon Musk’s prophetic eyes and discover his grand vision for Tesla as a global leader in sustainable energy.