#12 - May 5 2020

The future of the planet rests with Capitalism. But don’t take our word for it, listen to a panel discussion with some of the most knowledgeable people on the subject. This week’s MEMO 12 encourages you to click the link and hear their thoughts on Earth at the tipping point.

#11 - April 27 2020

Big corporate is often cast in a negative light when it comes to climate change but in this week’s MEMO 11 we discover the major enterprise players changing that perception.

#10 - April 21 2020

This week, we discover why Grant Couch, a life-long fiscal conservative and influential lobbyist in DC, views global warming, not through his personal political leanings but through risk management and market-based solutions.

#9 - April 15 2020

Since 2005, production of Natural Gas has almost doubled and the price fallen more than 70%. This week’s MEMO 9 mines the details to discover if Natural Gas is actually the ‘bridge to renewables’ it’s made out to be.

#8 - April 6 2020

If it’s CO2 that’s killing us, can’t we find a way to remove it from the atmosphere? Well, yes, and in this week’s MEMO 8, we detail the possibilities and difficulties of doing it.

#7 - March 31 2020

Suddenly, Climate Change is not the only change we need to come to terms with. This week we explore the impact recent changes have had on our lives and the consequences they may have on attitudes to our Climate.

#6 - March 20 2020

In this week’s MEMO 6, we investigate the double whammy of the Corona Virus and Climate Change on crude oil prices and explore why it may never go above $50 again.

#5 - March 14 2020

Both the Corona Virus and the Climate Crisis present existential threats to human existence. Only one has galvanized the world into action. This week’s MEMO 5 questions why?

#4 - March 7 2020

In this week’s MEMO 4 we interrogate a fundamental power generation question: do the costs and dangers of Nuclear power outweigh the benefits?

#3 - February 29 2020

What exactly is the Climate Crisis, what is the Greenhouse Effect and why are oceans rising and arctic ice melting? In this week’s MEMO 3 we attempt to explain it all as simply as possible.

#2 - February 21 2020

In this week’s MEMO 2, we uncover the latest thinking on whether renewables are capable of replacing coal as the source of U.S. power generation.

#1 - February 15 2020

Major investors are looking at the energy sector through very different eyes today as the price of crude plunges. In our first MEMO 1, we take a look at what they are thinking and what actions they are taking.

Video - February 1 2020

The Climate Capitalist's mission is to inform investors of opportunities and threats to their assets as climate change impacts society and the economy. This short video explains Doug’s personal journey to The Climate Capitalist's creation and why that mission is so important.