Video - July 9 2023

People say the Chinese build a coal-fired power plant every day of the year, so why should the US do anything about climate change?

Video - September 14 2022

In the second video of our series of conversations with Michael Sonnenfeldt, Michael and partner Ben Wolkon discuss their climate investment strategies and reveal some of the innovative companies they are backing.

Video - August 8 2022

In the first of a series of video conversations, Michael Sonnenfeldt explains how the MIT Climate Model works to solve the climate crisis.

Video - June 15 2022

Our Editor-in-Chief recently shared his thoughts on investing in the clean energy transition, in public and private equity and venture capital, with members of Tiger 21, the premier network for high-net-worth individuals.

Video - December 1 2021

Around 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline are burned every year in the US on garden maintenance. That’s nearly 12 million tons of CO2 just to keep our lawns and hedges neat. In this video, we laud an alternative power solution.

Video - November 11 2021

We recently visited Trenton Renewables in NJ and discovered how they turn unwanted organic matter into renewable energy – and produce several other useful products along the way.

Video - June 24 2021

The Coca Cola company was recently named the world’s worst polluter in a global survey, for the 3rd year in a row. In this Video, we discuss how they earned this unfortunate label and suggest what they might do about it.

Video - May 14 2021

Louisiana has given the Taiwanese Formosa company the go ahead to build a massive plastics factory in an area so polluted it is known as Cancer Alley. This week, we look at the implications of that momentous decision.

Video - February 15 2021

In this week’s video, we take a look at the construction of a new house, built from the ground up to create more energy than it will use, resulting in a credit from the local utility.

Video - January 8 2021

This week we feature a company aiming to finally deliver on the phenomenal promise of small wind with a ducted wind turbine design that delivers twice the energy of an open bladed turbine.

Video - November 2 2020

These days, retrofitting an older house with modern, climate friendly, heating and air conditioning is completely doable. In a new video this week, we demonstrate how.

Video - September 17 2020

There are over a billion cars on the world’s roads, belching pollutants and contributing to climate change. But the road ahead is far cleaner. This week we take a look at the future of the car.

Video - July 13 2020

The Trump Administration promised to favor industry over the environment - and in this video we itemize the litany of ways it has delivered on that commitment.

Video - February 1 2020

The Climate Capitalist's mission is to inform investors of opportunities and threats to their assets as climate change impacts society and the economy. This short video explains Doug’s personal journey to The Climate Capitalist's creation and why that mission is so important.