The book is free, the clean energy insights are priceless

The book is free, the clean energy insights are priceless

March 16 2023

Capitalism is the engine room of the clean energy transition, driving innovation in carbon capture, solar, wind, storage, hydrogen, EVs and every technology needed to make the transition successful. Over the past 3 years, we've championed this belief through articles that looked at the issues, the impediments to progress, the opportunities, Government policy, and at what lies just over the horizon.

In celebration of our 100th article on the subject, we've put the 3 years’ of work into a limited-edition book - which we’ll send to our readers. In the future it will be available on Amazon for $19.95.

The book is an indispensable reference for anyone interested or involved in the energy transition but especially those with investment interests in the emerging technologies required to make it happen.

To receive your complimentary copy we’ll need your mailing address. (Don’t worry; we won’t share it with anyone).

Please send our colleague Annette Simons an email with your street address and we’ll post your copy.

Thanks, Doug McKeige and the Team

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